We easily support companies in achieving the marketability of their products by designing individual test systems to validate development results. How can we help you realize your ideas?

  • functional test benches

  • mobile exhibition structures for external system presentation

  • modular and application-oriented test equipment


  • automated comparison test devices for component benchmarks

  • development of hardware test routines based on DIN, AATCC & AECTP

All our sub-competencies come together here. We convert concepts from batch size 1 into static, mechanical, electrified, fluid-dynamic or mechatronic functional models and demonstration models.

Subject list of topics dealt with:

  • practical, textile and mechatronic feasibility test

  • proof of concept tests and the comparison of different variants

  • fluid flow test stands. hydropulse systems

  • flow measurement systems. filtration test stations

  • fatigue test benches. cycle counters

  • turning, tilting, kinking, pushing, pulling, bending, torsion test stands

  • test series with PU-based metal foam systems

  • test consoles for single system testing using assembly simulation

  • sandbox systems (electrical, mechanical, fluid dynamic )

  • standard test setups in line with requirements

  • laboratory test setups


  • rotating & xyz-changeable consoles

  • thermoplastic machine elements


  • error reproduction. reconstruction of thermal events

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