Our core competence lies in the development of functionally integrated, textile products.


Fiber, filament & fabrics made of CFRP, GRP, FRP, CMC, silicones and sustainable natural textile.

systems & functionaries

  • medical fiber polymers

  • self-dissolving support structures

  • shape memory materials

  • phase change materials

Smart Textiles

technical-practical applications

  • sensor-controlled, textile filtration

  • integrated light and data conductors

  • sensor systems in textile areas

  • textile-based surface temperature control

  • textile displays & input devices

  • e-Blocker NF | HF


further options

  • conception of composite & matrix materials

  • function integration active | passive

  • wireless contacting solutions

Subject list of topics dealt with:

  • fluid-based temperature control of thermoplastic structures and surface cover materials

  • ventilation concepts for textile support elements

  • conception and construction of yarns, fibers, filaments & textile surfaces

    • electric conductivity . biocompatibility. natural fiber substitution

    • EMI shielding. acoustics. self-cleaning. recyclability

  • textile illumination. grid illumination (display technologies)

  • sandbox systems (electrical, mechanical, fluid dynamic )

  • manipulation of reflection & scatter parameters of textile surfaces

  • inductive charging. BLE, RFID, NFC integration


  • electrical contacting of mechanically stressed & movable connection points

  • seamless concepts. wood skin. textile hinges. shape memory materials


  • energy shields (thermal barriers). energy absorption (PCM layer inserts)

  • electrical & inductive temperature control of textile surfaces

  • electric surface heating

  • practical comparisons of textile systems and their suitability for use

    • suitability tests distance knitted vs. multi-layer fabrics

    • composites vs. composites vs. technical laminates

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