interesting facts about what we do

produce functional samples, prototypes, pre-series and exhibition models


concept, plan & implement projects & processes


construct test benches & laboratory models


provide creative concepts to your ideas


turn your thoughts into reality

CORE BUSINESS & basic idea

We offer you exactly two things, time and flexibility . That is why our offer is aimed primarily at corporate divisions that mainly deal with very different problems for scheduling and capacity reasons.

We would like to support you as your extended workbench .


We work closely with you to develop creative and highly functional approaches. Short reaction times and direct decision-making processes ensure that you get exactly what you need to fulfill your tasks.


With roots in mechanical engineering, textile & electrical engineering, we have grown up to very different challenges. Nevertheless, some topics are so complex that, if necessary, we rely on our interdisciplinary partner network, which always backs us up.

SOLUTIONS & problem outsourcing

Our technical horizon ranges from abrasive wear to high performance material in zigzag twill. From testers for through-plated textile hinges to fluid flow measurements in laminates, composites, foamed metals or thermoplastics. Our digital models are created either with Autodesk Inventor or DS CATIA.


We occupy a niche in the product development process and oversee the interface between pre-development and pre-series construction. Our goal is to pick you up exactly where you are, to support you in your project at short notice and on schedule. And all that without you having to leave your timeline.

If you bring the plan. We will deliver concept, design and elaboration.


All solutions are designed with great care and manufactured with German engineering Gründlichkeit [thoroughness] a lot of heart and manufacturing skill. Correctly dimensioned saftey margins, comprehensible documentation and a lot of attention to detail characterize our products.


In exceptional cases, we are also available as a service technician in the context of field engineering projects .

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