Control drives, regulate torque, set travel paths, move consoles, program microcontrollers, measure process parameters, develop user-specific apps ...


We are your partner for the smallest series and particularly individual tasks.

User-oriented, intuitive, highly available.


  • design and synthesis of digital circuits

  • digital processing of non-electrical measurands

  • software and function development

    • requirements analysis (backlog, user stories)

    • area architecture and MMI design

    • implementation & software testing

  • hardware testing. MiL, SiL, HiL simulation

  • measurement & test data visualization


Information about i4.0 and special IoT-IT infrastructures is available on request .

embedded Computing

Subject list of topics dealt with:


  • vehicle electrical system components & charging infrastructure
    • switching and voltage regulators. switching ICs
      . power management. gate drivers
    • CHAdeMO. BMS. type 1/2. CCS. C2S standard

  • electronic sandbox systems. numerical simulation

  • Arduino. Arduino IoT. Arduino SIM . Raspberry Pi. Xplained Pro


  • incremental & potentiometric rotation angle sensors

  • strain measurement technology. microsensors. biotechnological measurement technology

  • rotary encoder. angular position encoder. inductive proximity switches

  • optical, chemical, acoustic, thermal, mechanical actuators

  • test system control, automation, monitoring

  • control of electric and hydraulic drives for
    change of xyz location

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