Behind the scenes

Behind bg+k is a well-coordinated team from various STEM areas. The first idea for this concept came in 2012.


Since then, we have been enthusiastic about the interdisciplinary development of functional patterns and their testing in real product infrastructure.


In various upcycling projects, we make a conscious contribution to positively influencing our generation's ecological footprint.

Functionally integrated, technical textiles in mechanical environments will determine the market of the future. Likewise, the demand for technical functional samples, precise 3D printed products and innovative matrix materials is constantly increasing. For these reasons, we have decided to specialize in this segment in 2018.


We round off our range of services by designing intelligent carrier materials for green facades and sensory geo, filter or medical textiles.

Boring daily business? We have not got that!

The discussion of the latest topics and their backgrounds, the close examination of technical and technological contributions and the analysis of trend and competition characterizes the foundation of our development cycles.


On this basis, we would like to offer our help to long-established companies, educational institutions, start-ups and young companies in order to implement any project with great dedication and good skills.


With us, transparent rules, open debates, authentic characters and plenty of freedom count. Freedom to think, act and especially to be creativ.

We see ourselves as solution finders and problem solvers and

we look forward to hearing from you soon!


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